Careers to Consider While You Pursue Your Entertainment Industry Dreams

Obtaining a successful career in the entertainment industry can take a lot of time, effort, and a certain amount of luck. For many aspiring entertainers, it often takes years and years of grinding to get to the career of their dreams.

So what are you to do in the meantime?

While dedication to your craft is vital to your success in the entertainment industry, you also won’t last too long as a “starving artist”. That’s where a side job or alternative career comes into play.

In order to take care of their needs while pursuing their passion in the entertainment industry, many find it necessary to have some way of supporting themselves in the meantime. So, to help you find the right job for your situation, here are some of the best options for careers while you’re pursuing your entertainment dreams.

  • Jobs with Time Flexibility

If you want to make it in the entertainment industry, you must have a flexible schedule that allows you to attend casting calls, auditions, readings, and interviews. However, most traditional careers have limited flexibility for things of this nature. Because of this, it’s vital for aspiring entertainers to find a job or career that will allow them the flexibility they need to continue going to these events.

According to Jenny Yerrick Martin, a contributor to, three of the most time-flexible jobs to seek as someone looking to break into the entertainment industry are bookkeeper, virtual assistant, and social media or internet marketing consultant. With each of these jobs, you often have a large amount of flexibility with your time, giving you the chance to continue working toward your overall career goals with great gusto.

  • On-Going Online Education

Careers to Consider While You Pursue Your Entertainment Industry Dreams

While working in the entertainment industry may be your dream, some aspiring entertainers feel more comfortable knowing they have a career to fall back on if things don’t go their way in Hollywood. If this sounds like you, consider seeking out additional education in a flexible environment, such as through online classes.

Almost all careers offer some type of online education courses, from medical assisting to business degrees. And the great thing about taking online classes is that you don’t have specific times in which your day is devoted to your education, like you would at a traditional educational institution. By taking this route, you can continue to work toward your desire of being in the entertainment industry, while simultaneously preparing for an alternative future, as well.

  • Jobs to Hone Your Skills

For those who know that, one day, they will work in the entertainment industry one way or another, finding a job that can help to build up specific set of skills is a great career move.

Depending on what you want to do in the entertainment industry, the type of jobs that will best help to hone your skills will vary. However, Norma Pauline Mushkat Gaffin, a contributor to, shares that some of the best jobs relevant to those aspiring to be in the entertainment industry are being a dramatic coach or therapist, lawyer, model, voice coach, salesperson, or PR representative. These jobs can all help an aspiring entertainer develop a greater depth of skill while waiting for their big break.

If your dream is to work in the entertainment industry but you just haven’t gotten there yet, trying your hand at one of the above mentioned jobs or careers could be a great way for you to have all your physical needs met while still focusing the majority of your life on achieving your career goals. Use these tips to help make your emergence into the entertainment industry a little smoother.

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