How To Write ECommerce Product Descriptions That Work

When it comes to running your ecommerce business, there’s so much you have to juggle. From knowing how to hack Instagram in terms of marketing to understanding the ins-and-outs of graphic design for your website and logo to keeping a balanced budget, almost every hour of your day is dedicated to making your ecommerce business as successful as possible. That’s why you’re focusing even on the smallest of details–including how to write product descriptions that work–because you know that however good your social media strategy is, no one’s going to buy your products if they don’t get excited about them.

Luckily, just like with other forms of writing (like blogging), there are ways of the trade that’ll help you make your product descriptions amazing.

So if you want to learn more, read on:

Understand your buyers

How To Write ECommerce Product Descriptions That Work

Even before you start writing, you need to know who you’re writing for. Whether your main audience is mothers working from home, or Gen Z kids in college, that’s going to completely change the style of your writing, from what language you’re using to the length of your sentences and paragraphs. In addition to helping you write your products descriptions better, understanding your potential buyers can also help you decide what to sell–and what price.

The fact is, 65 percent of companies that exceed lead and revenue goals have updated personas within the last six months–which means that even once you understand your buyers, you’ll still want to check in every once in a while to make sure that your language is still #lit. To learn more about buyer personas, read this article from HubSpot.

Be direct and focused

How To Write ECommerce Product Descriptions That Work

According to Nielsen Norman Group, experts in UX research, users tend to skim text when reading it online, instead of thoroughly reading it. The fact is, we don’t live in the 1800s anymore, when people used to spend their days reading 500+ page novels. It’s almost 2020, which means that we don’t have time to focus–unless the very focus of what we’re reading is brought to our attention.

According to ConversionXL, the strategies you should be using are (1) not wasting space with erroneous or additional words and (2) giving important information first (that way, even if readers don’t finish reading the description, they’ll at least have the essential info they need).

Use the five W’s – and How

How To Write ECommerce Product Descriptions That Work

What? What are the five W’s exactly?

If you don’t remember, think back to your school days, when your teacher asked you the same thing about a story you’d just read. Well, this carries into today, too, now that you’re going to master the art of writing product descriptions. And you can bet it’s simpler than analyzing a sonnet line by line.

The first W is “who”–which we’ve already covered above with understanding your buyers. But additionally, according to, you’ll want to think about: (1) what the details of your product are and how it’s different from others, (2) where your customers would use your product, (3) why would someone purchase the product, and what are the reasons it’ll improve their lives, and (4) how your product works. As long as all these details are in your description, you’ll be giving your readers the info they need–and the bare bones of it too, which means their eyes won’t drift away from the screen. Considering that global retail ecommerce sales are going to reach $4.5 trillion by 2020, it’s worth investing thought into these details so that your product descriptions include all the details needed.

Be funny – if you can

How To Write ECommerce Product Descriptions That Work

If you’re able to be entertaining in your product description, then you’re in luck–because humor’s one of the best ways to keep someone reading, and, besides, it makes your brand feel approachable to your customers. If this isn’t possible because your customers are a bit more serious, there are still other tones of voice you can use: for example, using romantic language if you’re selling jewelry to soon-to-be brides.

If you’re not sure you can handle it, then consider hiring a writer to manage your product descriptions–or even better, who can also handle your Instagram and Twitter accounts, so that the voice will be pervasive throughout. To get inspired, check out these examples of ecommerce companies that have completely mastered their tone of voice to match their brand. The average rate of cart abandonment rate in online stores is a whopping 69.23 percent–but if your customers love the way you’ve wooed them with language, they aren’t going to forget to buy from you.

By following these strategies, the writing that was once dull and repetitive in your product descriptions is going to be informative, interesting, and text your customers can’t tear their eyes away from. This means that soon, you’ll be making more sales and improving your ecommerce business.

What strategies do you use for writing engaging product descriptions?

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