Thinking To be A Personal Trainer But Don’t Know About the Salary Structure?

If you are planning to be in the fitness industry but don’t have slightest of idea about how you will get paid then it can get a bit confusing to actually make a final decision. Fitness industry is worth £9 billion as per reports surfaced in 2017 and provides huge opportunities for anyone looking to make a career in this industry. Renowned bodybuilders, personal trainers, nutritionists etc. are no less than superstars in this glamorous industry. But like every industry the competition is very steep and to make a place for yourself you have to show your potential.

There is no fixed salary structure in fitness industry and varies a lot from country to country. The pay grade is not universal and depends upon various factors. In UK the full time average salary is £27,600 but if you will look at the average wage of a fitness instructor it is £14,884 and the average wage of a level three personal trainer is £19,417 so being in UK a fitness aspirant might think that the monetary loss is almost 40% when compared to the full time average salary. But it doesn’t mean that you will be underpaid because as per Payscale data though the average personal training salary is low in comparison to the average full time salary but once you start your career you might end up earning in six figures.

Thinking To be A Personal Trainer But Don’t Know About the Salary Structure?

But like said above the fitness industry is full of competition and to be able to earn better you have to utilize your potential. Not only you must possess the required knowledge and certification but you also have to be innovative in your approach. The old school techniques and mantras are good but you cannot stick to them always to provide your clients better results.

In UK if you want to be a fitness instructor you have to clear Level 2 Gym Instructors Course and to be a personal trainer you have to at least have a Level 2 Gym Instructors Qualification and must pass the Level 3 Personal Training Course. The difference between a fitness instructor and a personal trainer is quite big as both have different set of job responsibilities. The fitness instructor or gym instructor as they are mostly referred generally is in charge of maintaining the equipments, run gym introductions, suggest or advice to members. This reduced level of expertise is the reason behind the low average wages.

On the other hand the role of a personal trainer is more complex and thus requires more qualification. Being a personal trainer means you can directly work with clients and earn more. But the whole thing is about being innovative and creative in your approach because fitness industry is all about final results and the results must be visible. If being a personal trainer you have the ability to transform the body of your client then you can survive in the fitness industry for a long time.

Besides working with clients a personal trainer also has the option of working with some reputed gym brands because they offer good salary. But the main thing revolves around your expertise and knowledge because based on these factors you will always be evaluated and that is directly related to your earnings.

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